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The AMEC-BCCM believes in the wholistic philosophy of man

Man can only contribute to the development of his country if he is well balanced, integrated and well rounded. He believes that his life in this world is guided and lighted by the word and teachings of Almighty God.

Dr. Damaceno J. Ago, the founder of this system has envisioned in his life that our country, particularly the Bicol region, can be great if the youth, men and women could be molded so that they will be morally upright, creative and productive of commodities and ideas. Leadership training is necessary; hence these learning institutions are committed through their curricular offerings to involve students in academic and non-academic activities.

Clarification of values is most imperative in our contemporary society. These colleges seek the way and means by which our youth and their impact on our society will create a peaceful and enjoyable life founded on biblical principles. To blend traditional values and contemporary innovations relevant to the conditions and constraints prevailing shall always be uppermost in the AMEC System.


As AMEC-BCCM continues its journey towards academic excellence and service, it is most inspired by its founder, Dr. Damaceno J. Ago whose vision is anchored upon this tenet, “We are physicians. It is a proud title. It carries prerogatives; it carries privileges. Most of all it carries accountability; not only for the future of a great profession but for the very lives of our fellow sufferers from the human condition. We would not fail these responsibilities for any personal advantage. If we fail, we fail the sick. If we fail, we fail the well. If we fail, we fail ourselves. If we fail, we fail mankind. But if we succeed, we shall illumine the brightest page in medical history. The brightest for such must be our faith, until the next is turned.” Truly, here in Bicol Christian College of Medicine, God Heals, We Serve!

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