Bachelor of Science in Midwifery – AMEC – BCCM

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery


An Internationally Acclaimed School in the Education and Training of Midwives.


To produce professional midwives equipped with the Knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide effective and Efficient maternal and child health service to the home And the community here and abroad.


  1. The College of Midwifery Aims to:The College of Midwifery Aims to:1. Produce graduates who are able to;
    a. Provide the necessary supervision and care to women during pregnancy, labor and the supervision in coordination with other health care professional, if necessary.
    b. Perform Primary Health care services in the Community.
    c. Provide Comprehensive Family Planning Services .
    d. Engage in Entrepreneurial maternal and Child Health Activities.
  2. Provide post-Baccalaureate training to midwives.
  3. Participate or conduct researches.

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Helen L. Cabria, RM, RN, MAN, MSPH
College Dean

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