Masters of Science in Health Education – AMEC – BCCM

Masters of Science in Health Education


To produce health educators with sufficient competences that will enable them to use appropriate methodologies to facilitate the assimilation of relevant health knowledge by individuals and population groups.


As an integral part of Extensive Network of the Educational and Health Care Institutions operated by the AMEC System. As such its mission is the preparation of professionals, in both public health and allied health field who will serve as Jesus Christ did in bringing total health at the individual and community level, or as stated of the founder Dr. Damaceno J. Ago “The whole person in a Broken world” wholistic Philosophy of man.


  1. Offering curricular programs that will produce expertise and professions needed for Regional, National and Global Development.
  2. Offering relevant Continuing professional Education in Public health leading to master’s degree and allied Health fields.

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Nilo B. Romeroso, RRT, MSPH, PhD
College Dean