TESDA Courses

TECH VOC Department

Training for Living
Food and Beverage Services NC II (356 hours)
  • Prepare the dining room/restaurant area for service
  • Welcome guest and take food and beverage orders
  • Promote food and beverage products
  • Provide food and beverage service to guest
  • Provide room service
  • Receive and handle guest concerns
Events Management Services NC III (108 hours)
  • Plan and develop event proposal or bid
  • Develop an event concept
  • Develop event program
  • Select event venue and site
  • Develop and update event industry knowledge
  • Provide on-site event management services
  • Manage contractors for indoor events
  • Develop and update knowledge on protocol
Health Care Services NC II (996 hours)
  • Prepare and maintain beds
  • Collect and maintain linen stocks at end-users location
  • Assist in patient mobility
  • Assist in transporting patients
  • Assist in bio-psychosocial support care of patients
  • Handle waste in a health care environment
Pharmacy Services NC II (271 hours)
  • Receive and analyze prescriptions for dispensing
  • Prepare medication as prescribed by doctors or as requested by clients
  • Perform dispensing operations
  • Perform stock control
  • Perform housekeeping maintenance
Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC I & NC II (268 hours)
  • Weld Carbon Steel Plates Using SMA
Hairdressing NC II (656 hours)
  • Perform pre- and post- hair care activities
  • Perform hair and scalp treatment
  • Perform basic hair perming
  • Perform basic hair coloring
  • Perform basic haircutting
  • Perform hair bleaching
  • Perform hair straightening
  • Apply basic make-up


  • At least high school graduate
  • Can communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Physically, emotionally and mentally healthy
  • Can perform basic mathematical computation


  • Birth Certificate
  • High School Report Card or Transcript of Records
  • Six (6) pcs passport size picture
  • Four (4) pcs 1×1 picture

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