Facilities – AMEC – BCCM



This spacious hall serves as a venue for various cultural activities and a site for local and cultural conventions.

Audio-Visual Center

The center regularly features scientific and educational films and film strips designed to enhance, supplement, and reinforce the formal classroom activities of the students.

Dental Infirmary

It is fully equipped with modern facilities. Students enjoy free oral prophylaxis.

Computer Laboratory

This facility is used by students in their computer subject, in their research, and other IT enhanced activities.


This facility serves as student lounge and a venue for small student events.

Swimming Pool

This facility is a Junior Olympic-sized pool and is used for PE classes and for the recreation of the students. Likewise, it is used by other students who wish to train and hone their swimming skills and stamina for swimming competition.

Sports Facilities

AMEC-BCCM has various sports facilities such as basketball court and volleyball court located at the AMEC-BCCM Quadrangle.

AMEC-BCCM Quadrangle Grandstand

This is located near the High School Department. It serves as venue for outdoor big events such as acquaintance party, orientation assembly, intercultural programs, intramurals, and other institutional activities that requires big audience.

Dr. Eden Hall

This is located in the Psychology Building near Gate 3. This serves as venue for lectures and seminars. It can accommodate 200 students.

Dr. Julianda Hall

This is located in the 3rd floor of Psychology Building. This serves as venue for lectures and seminars. It can also accommodate 200 students.


The school library is located at the third floor of the medical building. It has a total collection of thirty thousand volumes of books ranging from general works to history. This library is divided into reserve section wherein all books frequently used by the students/faculty are located; the reference and periodical section wherein all the newspaper, magazines, journal, manual, thesis, encyclopedia, atlases, dictionaries, and other reference material are located. The open shelf-system gives free access to the collection. It is open during Monday-Friday from 8:00am-12:00nn to 1:00pm-5:00pm.


SmarTeach is the latest addition to the learning materials provided by the school and utilized by the students. It is a revolutionary learning tool and the “smartest” way to study medicine. It is an integrated approach to teaching. A simulation of a thousand references, tutorials, animated videos, and a series of practice quizzes and exams. It maximizes utilization of time and contains organized lectures that are easily accessible.  It also provides computer-based examinations making it abreast with advancement in medical education because of its fast and accurate results.

Skills Laboratory

Birthing Center