Scholarships – AMEC – BCCM



AMEC-BCCM provides equal educational opportunities among the poor and intellectually deserving young students of the Bicol Region through scholarship and grants.

The goal of AMEC-BCCM scholarship and grants is to educate and train men and women who can be developed and molded as good citizens of Philippine society.


  1. Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to valedictorians, salutatorians, and honorable mentions from public and private secondary schools and vocational schools equivalent to high schools accredited by the college, provided that said valedictorian, salutatorian, and honorable mention come from a graduating class with at least 100 students.


Valedictorian                         :           100% Tuition Fee Discount

Salutatorian                           :           75% Tuition Fee Discount

1st – 5th Honorable Mention:          50% Tuition Fee Discount


  1. Academic Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to AMEC students with no grade lower than 2.0 whose general weighted average in all academic subjects (including PE and CWTS) at the end of semester is at least 1.5. The following criteria shall be followed strictly:

A. Student should carry the regular load as prescribed the curriculum year.
B. Academic scholarship has two (2) classifications:

President’s List         : 1.0-1.25       : 100% Tuition Fee Discount

Dean’s List                 : 1.26-1.50     : 50% Tuition Fee Discount

C. In case the grantee’s weighted average is less than 1.75 but not lower than 2.00 for the first time, he will be given a grace period during the ensuing semester. She/he does not meet the required weighted average for the second time, the privilege shall be forfeited/cancelled/stopped.
D. When the privilege is forfeited, the grantee is obliged to render service at AMEC or to any Ago Institution. The mode of payment is salary deduction until all accounts are fully paid.
E. After completion of the course the grantee is obliged to render a return service at AMEC or to any Ago Institution.


  1. Scholarship and Grants Consultation

It is a general policy of AMEC-BCCM that respective scholarship committee shall be consulted for other scholarship grants.


  1. Scholarship for Honor Graduates

Honor graduates from recognized colleges shall be granted scholarship in the form of tuition fee discount for one semester, provided she/he has satisfied the requirements for admission. Discount shall be as follows:


Award Discount in Tuition Fee
Summa Cum Laude 100% Discount in Tuition Fee
Magna Cum Laude 75% Discount in Tuition Fee
Cum Laude 50% Discount in Tuition Fee
1st – 5th Honorable Mention 25% Discount in Tuition Fee


  1. Student Development Fund

This is a trust fund contributed to and by all students entering the Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) to sustain the following programs:

  • Continuing medical education for both students and faculty members.
  • Faculty Development Program
  • Exchange students and exchange faculty programs.
  • Health Insurance for all BCCM students (details of each of these programs are available upon request)
  1. Academic Awards

A student with full semestral load and the required particular general weighted average corresponds to a particular discount in tuition fee.


Classification General Weighted Average Discount in Tuition Fee
President’s Lister 1.0-1.25 100% Discount in Tuition Fee
Dean’s Lister 1.26-1.50 50% Discount in Tuition Fee


  1. Damaceno J. Ago Scholarship

The recipient of this award is selected annually by the Committee on Admission.