Student Services – AMEC – BCCM

Student Services


The goal of AMEC-BCCM Student Affairs and Services is to implement comprehensive, culturally sensitive and developmental programs where OSAS personnel is available to work with the students through all the phases of their academic life.  It provides services needed to maximize students’ potentialities through programs and activities which help them acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Hence, enabling the students to integrate and apply their learning in different student activities. Likewise, this present program encourages collaboration, communication of services, needs and assessment among departments and offices.


An integral department of the institution delivering systematic and excellent student-centered activities, programs, and services producing culturally sensitive, strong and globally competitive, and responsible leaders and professionals living the AMEC-BCCM ideals.


The Office of Student Affairs and Services provide student-centered activities, programs, and services that is culturally sensitive, developmental in nature, and integral to the holistic wellbeing of students and the entire AMEC-BCCM.


To attain the vision and mission through implementation of these goals:

  1. Develop Multicultural Student Activities
  2. Foster Holistic Student Well-being
  3. Enhance Student Empowerment
  4. Cultivate Ethical Awareness
  5. Develop a Research Climate
  6. Generate Career and Occupational Placement

This program will implement student activities that are integral in honing and maximizing their potentialities in academics and in real life settings. It also includes activities that will help students enhance their socio-emotional needs in order to help them appreciate the totality of their person, and the personal development that shall be supported in the department.


This core service constitutes different avenues for student empowerment. This service will help the students develop their initiative, enhance self and group responsibility, maximize their skills and potentials, appreciate culture and arts, develop care to communities, and act on a particular opportunity. 


This program constitutes five focal offices that provide services pertaining to students’ safety and well-being which is integral in the span of their academic life in AMEC-BCCM. This program delves with the different aspects needed of every student in order for them to achieve their goals.


This core program recognizes and promulgates reasonable norms, rules and regulations consistent with the provisions of student handbook for the maintenance of good school discipline. This service will only cater the handling of serious offenses of students. Minor offenses shall be handled by respective academic deans to empower the discipline of student in their concerned department.


This core service provides procedures to assist students’ career placement. Feedback information should also be secured from those who have left the school, especially from graduates, concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the school’s academic and non-academic programs as well. The compiled information should be made available to the administration.           


      This core program delves with researches regarding student activities and other related topics concerning students’ development and academics.

  1. Guidance and Counseling Center

It implements the guidance and counseling programs that will cater the students’ needs in terms of academics, career, and personal growth. It will also provide effective counseling service through which the student is helped to understand himself/herself in relation to his or her unique and developing world.  It also implements the programs that will provide strategies and activities that will support students’ learning through acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in order for them to understand and respect self and others, able to improve their interpersonal skills and survival skills, and develop them as responsible contributing members of the community. Likewise, it is in-charge of gathering and interpreting information pertaining to students’ concerns which would be of help to teachers, administrators, and parents in coming up for appropriate interventions that will help students optimize their personal, social, academic, and career aspect of their life.

  1. Ago General Hospital

It serves as the school’s medical and dental unit catering the students, teaching and non-teaching personnel. It houses specialized physicians on specific field that focuses on the health of every student. It has a capacity of 100 beds and is duly accredited teaching and training hospital for AMEC-BCCM students.

  1. Dietary Department

This department is responsible for food and nutrition services of the institution. It is also responsible for the food instruction in health, providing healthful school living, and promotes good nutrition which is essential to students’ growth, development and achievement.

  1. Safety and Security Services

It is integral part of the school to safe keep all the stakeholders of the school community. This service is responsible for protecting AMEC-BCCM students from harm and for maintaining the school exclusivity to its community members. It implements safety and security policies in order to enhance discipline, safety, and security amongst AMEC-BCCM students, teaching and non-teaching personnel. 

  1. Student Residences/ Dormitory

This service is an additional support service to students who are residing in the school dormitories. This serves as the residence of both local and foreign students throughout their academic life in AMEC-BCCM. Dormitory-In-Charge assist students become comfortable in their residence for them to maximize their time in studying their lessons and cope-up with the academic demands.

  1. School Canteen

The school canteen serves health and nutritious food to the AMEC-BCCM community. It also implements “pay-as-you-order” and “self-service system.